Stepping inside our Doha atelier, something is immediately felt: the special sense that time itself stops. Upholding honored traditions passed down through generations, our impassioned craftsmen work tirelessly to create elaborate, artisanal designs in a modern aesthetic.

Of course, all great things begin with the seed of inspiration. Qatar is a small peninsular country, but it is full of artistic influence. Searching for natural muses, our creative team makes periodic pilgrimages to key areas in Qatar for such emotional triggers. As such, our fine jewellery creations interpret the Arabian Peninsula’s love of its sparkling local waters and the mystic sea, while others are inspired by golden sandy dunes, the handwork and organic shapes from the site of the area’s mystical Al Jassasiya rock carvings, as well as the magic of the walled coastal town of Al Zubarah in the Arabian Gulf, a UNESCO heritage site and former pearling and trading centre.

Led by the creative leadership of award-winning designer Nada Khamis Al-Sulaiti, we work with the finest responsibly sourced raw materials, including Tahitian pearls, Diamonds and Opals. In more recent times, colored gemstones have become the elements of choice for luxury-attuned women around the world. We work with a variety of colored stones including Sapphires, Rubies and Pink Tourmaline. Our intricately cut stones are then meticulously set into White, Rose, or Yellow Gold. The result is beautifully ornate pieces defined by artistry that engage the senses.

Hairaat’s pieces are very versatile: our collections include the award-winning high jewellery Sakura Necklace, to gala-appropriate styles for passing down through generations, to layer-easy necklaces and stackable rings to bring flair to everyday looks.

Above all, Hairaat’s diverse collections are carefully designed to create pieces that tell a story and capture a treasured memory, offering our clients distinctive pieces that will transcend time. Our unique pieces go beyond seasons and trends, providing the appeal of an invaluable heirloom.

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